Leasebacks are typically for confirmed and experienced real estate buyers, who can afford to invest over the long-term (10+ years). Though leaseback properties often prove to be excellent investments, these must be seen as long-term investments and so if you have other projects in mind, maybe you are best concentrating on those first. There will always be other investment properties waiting for you for when the time is right.

There are many Leaseback programmes available in France, and so you will need to see which is the one that is the best for you (best meets your criteria). Maybe you will want to buy a property that is near the beach front, or else you will prefer buying a flat in the Alps, or perhaps you will feel more comfortable knowing that the property is in or near a big city... Or still, your priority may not be property location but rather the (kind of people who) type of clientele that will be staying in the residence : vacationers, corporate travelers, students, senior citizens, etc

These choices are personal. What Edwill Finance can help you with is making sure that you get the right finance for the property you have chosen, and that this finance proves to be the right one over the years.

Please feel to call Edwill Finance at (33) 615 51 77 35 to discuss your project in further detail and we will see together how we can make your investment become reality.

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